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Harry Partch and Conlon Nancarrow Music in Kiel

The lucky opportunity of listening to Harry Partch’s music live was my reason to go to Kiel on 21st February. Festival chiffren – Kieler Tage für neue Musik were inviting ensemble musikFabrik from Köln who last year performed their giant … Continue reading

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La Scena Musicale

The latest issue of “La Scena Musicale”, a big Montreal music magazine, has an article about the Bohlen-Pierce system and the BP clarinet. During one of my stays in Montreal, author Marc Chenard asked me and my colleague Todd Harrop … Continue reading

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Wendy Carlos Scales and the Bohlen-Pierce Clarinet

Some alternative tunings that I like a lot are the Wendy Carlos scales. One of them, called Carlos Alpha, divides the perfect fifth into nine steps. As a result, it has almost just minor and major thirds (312 and 390 … Continue reading

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