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La Scena Musicale

The latest issue of “La Scena Musicale”, a big Montreal music magazine, has an article about the Bohlen-Pierce system and the BP clarinet. During one of my stays in Montreal, author Marc Chenard asked me and my colleague Todd Harrop … Continue reading

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Wendy Carlos Scales and the Bohlen-Pierce Clarinet

Some alternative tunings that I like a lot are the Wendy Carlos scales. One of them, called Carlos Alpha, divides the perfect fifth into nine steps. As a result, it has almost just minor and major thirds (312 and 390 … Continue reading

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Microfest Amsterdam 2011

On Sunday, 11th December the first Microfest in the Netherlands took place, organized by Stichting Huygens-Fokker. The BAM zaal in Amsterdam’s Muziekgebouw aan’t IJ was well filled throughout the day, and the audience consisted of musicians and composers involved in … Continue reading

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Festival (DA)(NE)S in Maribor, Slovenia

A week ago I was invited to perform at KIBLA Multimedijski Center in Maribor, Slovenia. KIBLA is a culture centre that organizes art exhibitions and multimedia projects. Every year the festival (DA)(NE)S for microtonal music takes place, organized by Cameron … Continue reading

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Out Now: ″Possible Worlds″, a Compilation of Recent Xenharmonic Explorations

Spectropol Records have just released their 2011 compilation of recent xenharmonic music, and I am proud and happy that my recording of Die Vogelmenschen von St. Kilda has been chosen as one of the 15 tracks published. The publication collects … Continue reading

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Concert at Hamburger Kunsthalle

Last Saturday I had my first gig with my new model of Bohlen-Pierce soprano clarinet I got in March, customized by Stephen Fox to my special needs and wishes. Like in many cities in Germany, there is a Night of … Continue reading

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The Bohlen-Pierce Clarinet. An Introduction to Acoustics and Playing Technique

The Bohlen-Pierce scale was discovered in the 1970s and 1980s by Heinz Bohlen and John R. Pierce respectively. Due to a lack of instruments which were able to play the scale, hardly any compositions in Bohlen-Pierce could be found in … Continue reading

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