The Clarinet Cache

The Ms Mullerful blog has been silent for a long time. The past months have been busy: Organizing a Canada tour with concerts and a masterclass (October), renovating an moving into my new studio, planning a Bohlen-Pierce ear training class with my colleagues Georg Hajdu and Konstantina Orlandatu which will start in October at Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg, plus several performances. However, I am going to write about my upcoming projects such as touring Canada (Banff, Toronto, Montreal) and the BP ear training class. In my next article I am going to suggest a Bohlen-Pierce notation.

 By then I would like to recommend a splendid blog run by to young women, Kellie Lignitz and Rachel Yoder. On the clarinet cache you will find a lot of information around clarinet, clarinetists, pedagogy and equipment. Most lately the authors have been reporting about the Clarinet Fest which this year took place in Lincoln, Nebraska. Enjoy!


About msmullerful

Freelance musician (clarinetist), mostly involved in contemporary music projects but still able to play the classic repertoire.
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