Out Now: ″Possible Worlds″, a Compilation of Recent Xenharmonic Explorations

Spectropol Records have just released their 2011 compilation of recent xenharmonic music, and I am proud and happy that my recording of Die Vogelmenschen von St. Kilda has been chosen as one of the 15 tracks published. The publication collects examples of the works of artists from various musical backgrounds in different tunings and ways of realization, most of which are electroacoustic; the ″acoustic corner″ consists of Stephen Altoft and his 19-edo trumpet, Peter Thörn playing a fretless guitar and me on Bohlen-Pierce clarinet.
The compilation is a snapshot of exciting projects of the past few years; nevertheless, a 2001 recording of Agnus Dei from John Eaton’s Mass (composed in 1970) can be found as well as a 1998 recording of lament by Bruce Bennett and Vane Galloway. So these are the ″fossils″ in the collection – I am not talking about petrifaction!
The album is free and can be downloaded from spectropol’s website. Have fun listening to it and finding your own favourite!


About msmullerful

Freelance musician (clarinetist), mostly involved in contemporary music projects but still able to play the classic repertoire.
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