Useful Resources on Contemporary Clarinet Playing (Masterclass Part II)

In my first article about the masterclass in Montreal I wrote about pieces which are a good starting point for studying contemporary repertoire. But how can one find information about all those noises, multiphonics and extremely high notes one is supposed to produce? Here are some hints on useful resources!

Free online resources:

E. Michael Richards’ page The Clarinet of the Twenty-First Century Fingering charts for B flat, bass and E flat clarinet on microtonal scales, multiphonics and quartertone trills

Nicolas del Grazia created a wonderful webpage about multiphonics:

Alain Seve: Le Paradoxe de la Clarinette Clarinet acoustics, multiphonics, ¼ tones. The book can be downloaded as pdf, read online or ordered as a printed version.

The Woodwind Fingering Guide Fingerings throughout the clarinet’s range, up to a very (!) high altissimo register; alto and bass clarinet fingering tablets; trills

The Living Composers Project is a data base of – guess what! – living composers and those who lived after the year 2000. You can search either by name or by country.


Phillip Rehfeldt: New Directions for Clarinet (University of California Press). Revised edition, 1994. This book is about EVERYTHING. Very thorough explanation of extended techniques and funny noises of all kinds plus microtonal, bisbigliandi and altissimo fingerings – the latter even for contrabass clarinet. A chapter about electronic applications (not up to date though). In the appendices you will find William O. Smith’s early multiphonic fingering charts (1960), short biographies and repertoire lists of well-known new music clarinetists from all over the world and a lot more amazing stuff. Essential to every new music clarinetist!

Gerhard Krassnitzer: Multiphonics für Klarinette mit deutschem System (edition ebenos). Very huge collection of multiphonic fingerings for German clarinet, very systematically sorted. Very comfortable for every German system player.

Beate Zelinsky / David Smyers: Studies for Playing Contemporary Music. Clarinet / Pro Musica Nova (Breitkopf EB 8589). This volume offers excerpts of pieces from clarinet repertoire (solo as well as ensemble) and gives very useful tips on interpretation and playing techniques.

Henri Bok: The Bass Clarinet Manual. New Techniques for the Bass Clarinet. A big book about special effects on bass clarinet. The book is ″currently″ (i.e. since several years) under revision, but an ″intermediate edition″ can be ordered via Henri Bok’s webpage .

For the kids:

Petra Stump / Heinz-Peter Linshalm: Clarinet Update. New music for young clarinetists (edition: Doblinger). Some fun pieces for two or more clarinets, introducing contemporary techniques on a beginner’s level

Bartmann / de Roo / Irgmaier: New Sounds Cookbook. 36 pieces for variable ensembles (Ricordi 2795). A huge collection of flexible pieces for music school students of all ages. Valuable for every teacher!

Download this list as a pdf file


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Freelance musician (clarinetist), mostly involved in contemporary music projects but still able to play the classic repertoire.
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